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How to Create a Sales Funnel with GreenGeeks Coupon Codes

The sales funnel is an essential part of any business websites. It is the section that helps business owners convert views into sales on marketing portals. Its called a sales funnel because when represented in diagram format it looks like a funnel.

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How to Build a Sales Funnel

The outlines of a business revenue funnel may differ depending on the process that customers go through to purchase products and services from a website. However, some steps must be a part of every revenue funnel.

Step 1: Create awareness of the product

The awareness part of your sales and marketing website should inform potential customers of the product or service on sale. You do this by coming up with an eye-catching landing page. It should grab the interest of potential clients quickly so that you pull traffic to your website. You can do this through webinars, tutorials, blog posts, videos and paid adverts among other forms of content that attract and engage the client’s attention prompting them to have a look at what you are selling

Make sure your landing page contains adequate information on the product or service you are selling. It should also include a call to action portal that encourages the customer to make a move towards purchasing a product.

Step 2: Pre-sell your product

Once a buyer is aware of the product and what it can do, its time to present an offer to them. Provide attractive packages that will make it worth their while to buy your product or service. Here you can provide them with a trial period option that allows them to test the product and its efficiency for a select period. The idea is to hold their interest in the product or service you are selling and pull them to make a purchase. Of course, to get many sales, you must make sure that your product is exciting enough and solution-oriented to give the client the desire to buy.

Step 3: Purchase phase

After the pre-sell, have a purchase option for clients that are interested in buying your product or service. You need to leverage this chance to assure your business of future purchases from your client. Your purchase offers must be set out in a way that guarantees future sales after the first one.

So create proposals that give the client an option to subscribe to the product or service in future so that you guarantee your business of continuous revenue from them. For example, provide them with an opportunity to try your product for one week free and then they can upgrade to a quarterly package, six months package or yearly one. You could also provide free shipping for any sale made.

Many businesses price their products in a way that attracts the customer to subscribe to a more significant package by offering discounts. The idea is to make the client feel they are getting value for money while guaranteeing you continuous sales which is a win-win solution.

Step 4: Downgrade option

If you have set up your sales website correctly, clients often start with the biggest purchase package they can afford. It happens this way because you as the business owner have given them a reason to buy bigger packages at discounted rates, and proven the value of your product or service. Since most clients want to save money on purchases, they often choose what they can get more for less.

However, you have to consider that once the first subscription is over, some clients may choose not to purchase your product or service again. To avoid losing such customers, you need to give them a cheaper option in the form of a downgrade. Offering more affordable options of your product or service ensures that your client does not leave so that you continue to get revenue from them.

Step 5: The follow-up

Here you manage your clients by making sure they are happy with your product or service at all times. You don’t get a clients money and forget about them. Many will lose interest and either go to the competition or forget about the product or services altogether.

In the follow-up section, you should offer incentives that keep your clients happy and a part of your clientele always. You can do this by sending them information on deals and offering reward schemes. Here you can even give incentives for them to bring in new clients for compensation. Whatever you choose, find a way to keep your customers interest on your product and service at all times, and they will be customers for life.

The steps of a sales funnel help you to filter out good clients from the considerable traffic that visits your website each day.It helps you to make the best of your resources to keep as many interested clients as possible. It is a great tool to capture customers, foster product loyalty and guarantee return business.